Hello world!

Welcome to my blog on wordpress.com

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m a 40 something man living in London, England, and working as a librarian for a local authority library service.

I really should get out more and watch TV less – but I can’t help myself, there’s always some hypnotic trash to watch.

And boy, do I watch some trash!

I also need to work on my writing style.  As you may be able tell I’m a Twitter addict so my attention span is limited to short bursts of information…. *deep breath*… anything longer than 140 characters and my mind begins to wander.

I would say I have an eclectic approach to life and I’m open to most things.  At university my tutor called me a “philosophical prostitute”, readily giving my attention and interest to the highest bidder, easily distracted by bright, shiny and sparkly things.  I can quite happily delve into the world of science and technology one minute and then find my attention drift off to celebrity ephemera or irreverent humour via politics, religion and art.

This “hard to pin down” aspect of my nature is probably why I remain happily single.

So, this is a snapshot of me.  Hopefully over the coming days, months and years I’ll be able to paint a bigger picture, to capture my essence in words and to use my pondering and reflection to develop, grow and transform… that is, after all, why we are all here.


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